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As Controversies Surround John Bel Edwards, Louisiana Republicans Launch FIREJBE.com

Baton Rouge, LA – For generations, the Edwards Family has been fueled by political power and influence. Surrounded by federal investigators for decades, the Edwards Family represents everything wrong with politics in Louisiana.

Today, the Republican Party of Louisiana has launched www.FIREJBE.com to keep the public informed about the scandals and controversies surrounding John Bel Edwards and his family.

With 30 days left until Election Day and Early Voting starting in almost two weeks, we will continue to update the page as news breaks and new controversies bubble to the surface.

These are just a FEW of the questionable activities surrounding Louisiana's First Family. Leaving a trail of insider deals, political favors and crooked cops, all the way from Tangipahoa Parish to the Governor’s mansion.

“The people of Louisiana had to learn the hard way: This new Governor Edwards is just as corrupt as the last one,” said LAGOP Executive Director Andrew Bautsch.

This fall take back YOUR state. FIRE John Bel Edwards!



Contact: jason@lagop.com

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