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Democrats and their Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

On Monday night, the whole nation watched as the Democrats imploded in Iowa. After years of name calling and insults, identity politics, and sham investigations from their party leaders, Democrat voters in Iowa were supposed to get their first real opportunity to support a challenger to President Donald J. Trump.

Unfortunately, those same party leaders failed their voters on the national stage in a spectacular fashion. Now, the Democratic Party appears to be shocked by the unintended consequences of making drastic changes to a complex system forced on it by the far left of their party. That certainly sounds familiar…

While Democrat leaders are still busy learning this painful public lesson, their voters are left wondering whether their votes were even counted. However, the confusion and incompetence on the Democrat side has actually made the result of the Iowa caucuses quite clear:

The only winner of the Iowa Caucuses was President Trump!

On Tuesday night, President Trump delivered his third State of the Union Address. After surviving years of political investigations and a partisan impeachment scam, President Trump spoke directly to ALL Americans. He reminded the American people that while Democrats have solely focused on destroying ONE American, President Trump has been delivering results for ALL Americans.

In just his first term, while battling unprecedented partisan headwinds, President Trump has worked to secure our southern border, renegotiate our trade deals, and punish our enemies abroad, all the while unleashing the American economy.

Today, this partisan impeachment scam will likely die a bi-partisan death in the Senate. It is important for history to note that the only bi-partisan aspect of this impeachment has been the opposition to it.

Sanctimonious Adam Schiff and his team have managed to destroy what little credibility today’s Democratic Party had left with moderate voters across the country. After all, Mr. Schiff’s case was so weak that he couldn’t even convince all the members of his own party to pick up the torch to join his witch hunt.

Democratic leaders have been so blinded by their hatred for President Trump that they didn’t realize their impeachment case was destroying the man it was designed to protect, Joe Biden.

Mr. President, we are still not tired of winning!

Louis Gurvich, Chairman Republican Party of Louisiana


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