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Election Day-Take this Message to the Polls


A Brief Message to Take With You to the Polls

(BATON ROUGE,LA)-  Today is the day!  Please get out and vote, and make sure to remind your friends and relatives to do likewise. I can’t think of a better way to cap off all the newsletters, press releases, articles, and postings that the staff and I have written about this presidential campaign over the last year, than with this article written by eminent historian Victor Davis Hanson. He makes short work of the Democrats’ case against Donald Trump, exposing the fallacies of their main arguments against our President in this short but brilliantly written essay.

We’ve added a video from our Deputy Chairman, Senator Elbert Guillory, which I think you’ll also enjoy.

As always, forward this post  to your friends and relatives! Lastly, I’d like to express our deepest appreciation to President Trump, Senator Cassidy, our Congressmen and other candidates, for the sacrifices they have made throughout this election campaign. May their efforts be rewarded with victory and may our cause prevail.

God bless America!

Louis Gurvich, Chairman

Republican Party of Louisiana


Copyright © 2020 Republican Party of Louisiana, All rights reserved.


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