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FROM THE CHAIRMAN: The Real State of Our State

Uncollected trash, unrecoverable dead bodies, out of control spending, rampant corruption, deteriorating infrastructure, and a declining population: This is the real state of Louisiana in 2020. Thanks to Governor John Bel Edwards, Louisiana is stuck in a financial death spiral, with an even worse decline in our future if nothing happens to turn Louisiana around.

This unfortunate state of affairs is something Louisianans have grown accustomed to during the Democrats' hundred plus year control of state politics. Louisiana has failed to capitalize on our abundant natural resources, our rivers and ports, and our hard-working people. We underperformed in most economic booms and suffered longer and more harshly than others in every economic downturn. Given this record of failure, how could Louisiana have re-elected a governor who so thoroughly fits the mold of previous failed administrations? For answers, look towards Louisiana's avowedly liberal media establishment, our cabals of liberal special interests, and the money spent by wealthy out-of-state progressives to fund a corrupt political machine. Overseeing it all is our complacent Governor who believes that a 40,000 vote nail-biter re-election is a mandate to govern. To paraphrase former Governor Roemer, these are the “dragons of decline” which we must slay if Louisiana is to move forward. Responding to incompetent governance, Louisianans in late 2019 decided that they've had enough and voted for Republicans in record numbers to take control of both chambers of Louisiana's legislature. These Republicans are committed to a reform platform, promising voters to confront Louisiana's dragons of decline. First on the agenda is reigning in Louisiana's spend-thrift government. Legislators have already started fulfilling this promise by vigorously holding bloated state agencies to account, calling out John Bel's hypocritical staff pay-raises, and calling for responsible fiscal policies. Second, a groundswell of public outcry has made TORT Reform a tangible possibility. Republicans are working together to lower car insurance rates, bring Louisiana in line with other states, and loosen the grip of trial lawyers on our politics. Finally, Republicans are combatting liberal interest groups that despise Louisiana's values and culture. From bills protecting women's sports, the right to life, and more, legislators are defending values that the vast majority of Louisianans hold dear. When these bills reach Governor Edwards' desk, he will have to choose between Louisiana's people or the radicals within the Democratic Party. Louisiana faces a powerful establishment unwilling to change, and so, we as a state must now choose whether to sink or swim if we are to thrive. Thankfully, the new legislature offers Louisiana a pathway to confronting its beastly establishment. Yet to achieve victory, Republicans must remain united and must act boldly to resist Governor John Bel's progressive liberal instincts. Republican legislators arrived in the Capitol earlier today in record numbers, armed with strong leadership and an independent agenda. Let us pray that they will be successful in turning Louisiana around.

Louis Gurvich, Chairman

Republican Party of Louisiana

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