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Georgia Is Counting On Us!

November 25, 2020

The state of Georgia needs us! Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in tight run-off races, and the future of our country depends on their victories! If the Democrats win, they will control both chambers of Congress.

The run-off races will be Tuesday, January 5th. From now until then, we must do everything in our power to HOLD THE SENATE! The LAGOP is coordinating with the Republican Party of Georgia, and the party is asking for your help- anything you could do would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some of the ways you can help: (1) DONATE to Perdue/Loeffler: Sen. Perdue and Sen. Loeffler are working tirelessly to keep the Republican majority in the senate. In order to do this, they must have the necessary funds to travel across the state and make sure their message is heard. If you are able to donate, please click HERE. (2) DONATE to the Georgia GOP: The Republican Party of Georgia has been busy all year. First the presidential election, the recount process, and now both senators are up for re-election. Any financial help they are given would be a great help for the Republican cause. Click HERE to donate. (3) PHONE BANK VOLUNTEERS: Phone bank volunteers are essential. There are many voters throughout Georgia who haven’t yet made up their mind, and with a little persuasion you can bring them on board. Phone banking can now be done from your own home, and it’s a perfect way for you to contribute to the cause without major commitments. If you are interested in this, please email georgiavictory@gop.com.

(4) OTHER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: There are countless ways to help out in these races. The Georgia GOP is thankful for any volunteers they can get. If you are interested in door knocking or any other hands on activity, this is for you! You can sign up to volunteer by clicking HERE. The future of our country is on the line, and it is up to us to HOLD THE LINE! We thank you for your support- let's keep the U.S. Senate RED!


Louis Gurvich Chairman

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So let me understand this. You want us to donate and get behind two Republicans from another state that we don't like because they are Elite & Establishment types who couldn't fight for us and our vote for the President of the People? It is also said Loeffler stole the race from Doug Collins who we do like.

You want us to listen to you when you can't get behind our fight for our President of the people? It's almost like you are run by the Bubble Elites who can't seem to understand that our Do Nothings in politics are the reason we chose a successful businessman from the productive private sector. Results are what we need and now require.

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