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HB 648 Must Be Heard

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The Republicans own both House and Senate. We are known as the Sportsman's Paradise State as well as a State of Faith where the Catholic Pope has sold out his faith and his people by taking up with the Globalist Pedophiles.

I have no stated religion but have an extensive background in our Second Amendment. I am also an authentic Greener who grew up hugging a tree in Olympia WA back in the 70's when we practiced actual green. I have studied the UN's SDG's for the last 6 years that contain the Global Green Ponzi Scheme designed to destroy the economies of the world & the disarmament of Member States of Small Arms & Light Weapons (SALW) and the…


I completely agree. Can we get a strongly worded letter and a censure against that Mills? He would serve his special interest at the expense of innocence. That is far below for a republican, even by Louisiana's standards.

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It's been awhile. Many grassroots groups have taken off around here and it's amazing how many of our Republicans are working for International actors along with the Democrats.

I saw where Ardoin dropped out of the SoS race. The clueless state it's because of the harassment he received from some of the grassroots. I need to donate to those groups. It is my opinion that he is smarter than most and understands the difference between old fashioned Southern Corruption & Treason, so dropped out.

Grassroots on the Covid Con are trucking along to out those funded by Big Pharma who are willing to sell out America's children for profit.

We are keeping track of Republicans taking money from Everytown…

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