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I read with interest the article by Elizabeth Crisp published in the March 20 edition of The Advocate to the effect that Republican gubernatorial candidates had begun “sniping” at each other. Her article was based on statements contained in an out-of-state conservative blog calling out one of our candidates for remarks he made in 2016.

Now I am not implying that I agree with the thesis of Ms. Crisp’s article, nor do I take a position on the underlying allegations contained in the blog. However, I do think it is an appropriate time to remind our candidates that the one essential imperative of this campaign season is to defeat John Bel Edwards. The 2015 campaign is not very distant in our collective rearview mirror, and the three year, ten legislative session nightmare under the Edwards administration is an ever constant reminder of the danger of Republican infighting.

Let us not forget that taxes have been raised by $7,000,000,000; the promised government reform has not even been attempted. The state is going broke because of a botched Medicaid expansion. Our citizens are leaving Louisiana at an accelerating pace, and all the while we rank dead last or approach ever nearer the bottom in every state ranking due to high unemployment and low economic growth. Yet John Bel Edwards has the temerity to call the last three years a success. This amounts to an unintended but frank admission that he has no vision for a second term other than still higher taxes and fees, which we would soon enough be called upon to deliver if he were to be re-elected.

Our state is slowly dying, and the Governor has no remedy which will not accelerate the decline. Our Republican candidates must wage this campaign in the knowledge that Republican infighting only assures a second victory for John Bel Edwards, and we must not let that happen! Issues and policy disputes are legitimate matters for the political arena; irrelevant or misleading articles and personal attacks have no place in this contest.

Let us hope that our Republican candidates will confine themselves to the crucial issues which will define our future. The Republican Party of Louisiana wishes them well and appreciates their sacrifices, but the party will not permit a reprise of 2015.

Louis Gurvich, Chairman Republican Party of Louisiana

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