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John Bel Edwards Must Refuse Campaign Cash from Pro-Abortion Lobby

Democratic Governors Association Received Over $500,000 From Planned Parenthood Since Backing John Bel Edwards for Governor in 2015

(Baton Rouge, LA) – While Governor John Bel Edwards attempts to appeal to conservative voters in an election year by pledging to sign pro-life legislation, his campaign is receiving financial support and resources from national organizations that are funded by pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood.

The Democratic Governors Association (DGA), which spent millions to help elect Edwards in 2015, and already has paid staffers on the ground to help his re-election efforts, has accepted $570,780 in contributions from Planned Parenthood Action Fund from 2015-2018.

Both Planned Parenthood and the DGA are actively campaigning against pro-life legislation across the country. Earlier this month, the DGA sent out an email that opened with:

“Friends, abortion rights are under attack in the states,” and recently tweeted that “attacks on women’s health care prove that the threat to women’s reproductive rights is real and present,” referencing legislation similar to Louisiana’s. Leading national Democrats including Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez and 2020 presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand have called on the party to be “100 percent pro-choice.”

“Professional politician John Bel Edwards is trying to have it both ways. While he claims to be pro-life, his campaign machine is running on cash from groups funded by Planned Parenthood," said LAGOP Communications Director Jason Harbison. “This year, the people of Louisiana will have the opportunity to elect a strong, pro-life governor who doesn’t have to beg for money from the abortion lobby.”

Meanwhile his supporters are pointing to his record as a liberal Democrat to make the case for organizations like the DGA to keep the dollars flowing. The Huffington Post reports that “Edwards’ supporters note he’s a mainstream Democrat on economic issues,” and Gumbo PAC Director Trey Ourso argues that Edwards “has been succeeding on many issues that Democrats care about and fight for.”

It’s past time for Edwards to put his money where his mouth is and reject any support from these pro-abortion groups. Until he does, John Bel Edwards is just another Democrat that Louisiana conservatives can't afford.


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