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LAGOP Statement on Joe Biden's Pick for Vice-President


August 12th, 2020

Baton Rouge, LA- Yesterday afternoon, Democrat nominee for President Joe Biden announced his running mate would be California Senator Kamala Harris.

Sen. Harris is the left-wing political operative who sought the Democratic nomination for President last year by aligning her politics with the radical left and attacking the very same candidate on whose ticket she is now running! During her campaign, she publicly supported:

1. Abolishing all private healthcare and requiring Medicare-for-All.

2. Stripping American’s of their second amendment rights through the use of executive orders.

3. Passing the anti-job Green New Deal while raising taxes on the middle class.

4. Decriminalizing illegal immigration and offering illegal immigrants free healthcare and other services.

She has not since renounced any of these positions; if anything, she has been emboldened since the COVID pandemic began.

The choice in November is now clearer than ever: a vote for Trump-Pence is a vote for peace and prosperity; a vote for Biden-Harris is a vote for violence, anarchy, and socialized medicine. The danger of a Biden-Harris administration is grave, and the price our country would have to pay is far too high.

Only a vote for President Trump will ensure that America’s economy will be rebuilt, our country strengthened, and our people empowered. Let’s Keep America Great!

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