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LAGOP Statement on the End of the Legislature's Special Session


June 29th, 2020

Baton Rouge, LA-Both of this year’s legislative sessions marks a turning point for our state. Louisiana faced a unique set of challenges during the three-month regular session and the one-month special session, notably the COVID pandemic and the corresponding economic crash. However, our Republican legislators turned these challenges into several significant, long-term victories.

They passed tort reform and saved several tens of millions of dollars for a rainy day. They set aside several hundred million dollars to help Louisiana’s struggling small businesses. Most of all, they asserted the Legislature’s constitutional independence from the Governor and as a result future, legislative agendas will be decided by the people’s representatives in the House and Senate chambers--not by the Governor and his bureaucrat minions on the fourth floor of the Capitol. These are historic changes that will positively alter the direction of our state. 

“The Republican Party of Louisiana applauds our Republican delegation leaders and members for their boldness and determination,” commented LAGOP Chairman Louis Gurvich. “The leadership of Senate President Page Cortez, House Speaker Clay Schexnayder, GOP Delegation Leaders Sen. Sharon Hewitt and Rep. Blake Miguez,  along with their respective committee chairs was the key ingredient which made this historic change possible. They are all to be highly commended- I’m confident that in the future when we look back on these two sessions, we will find them to have been a momentous achievement in the fight for a better Louisiana!”

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