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Let's Re-Take The House of Representatives! Vote for Julia Letlow!

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While the Democrat and Republican Parties have changed significantly over the last 30 years, Louisiana politics has not changed that much. It was hard to find a Republican in Louisiana holding a public office about 40 years ago, now it is hard to find a Democrat with the exception of the Governor who is a Democrat in name only.

Below are short bios of the only two women to be elected to office as U.S Representatives from LA.

Catherine (Cathy) S. Long married into Louisiana’s legendary political family and spent nearly four decades immersed in state and national politics as a politician’s wife. When her influential husband, Gillis William Long, died suddenly in 1985, Democratic Party leaders believed Cathy Long…

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It is indeed interesting. If there is one thing that Louisiana's history isn't, is boring.

I always love to hear the history. Please keep sharing and let's hear from those who have similar knowledge.

Thank you terrencor63


The first Louisiana Republican woman that we send to congress. I had no idea, but we always love the Lagniappe!

I say Lagniappe because her credentials are impressive and quite frankly her courage, considering the life altering tragedy to her existing way of life, is extraordinary. Boy, do we need extraordinary...

There are many newcomers to politics or maybe you are like me and can't remember numbers, Louisiana's 5th congressional district "encompasses rural northeastern Louisiana and much of central Louisiana, as well as the northern part of Louisiana's Florida parishes in southeast Louisiana, taking in Monroe, Alexandria, Opelousas, Amite and Bogalusa." per Wikipedia. It was Ralph Abrahams old seat.

Please help Mrs. Letlow, help us by turning out the vote…

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