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Let The Override Session Begin!

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The Louisiana Concervative Caucus has weighed in. Where's the senate?

Still waiting on Louisiana Committee for a Conservative Majority (LCCM) to speak out.


Need to work on two areas.

1. Rep. Johnson and Thompson. Both democrats, both voted for the bills and both co sponsored both bills (SB118- concealed carry bill, SB156- women's rights in sports act). Need to start by thanking them for that and CALL and ask they stay true to that commitment in the veto session. We need them to successfully override in the house.

Rep Thompson: (318) 878-9408 Thompsof@legis.la.gov

Rep. Johnson: (225) 308-4269 Hse021@legis.la.gov

2. Must get the Senate more confident in this override session. Call your senator. And call Sen. Page Cortez. As the president of the Senate I think he gets to hear from all state voters because of his sway in the Senate. Also…

Replying to

Also, did you get an idea of where Senator Cortez was on this issue?


Competitive athletes don't just play for the exercise or scholarships, they play for the rush of wining. The rush of beating the best on an even playing field. These trans that claim to want to compete with women aren't athletes but activists. Think about it, the radicals can't destroy yet another part of our common sense America without victims working for them.

It is a common practice among the indoctrinated. Another action out of their "toolkit".


I forgot to say I spoke to Stuart Bishop last week and he is under the impression that there will be a veto override session.


Why does that laughing hyena (Cassidy) think he did something wonderful? "Shovel Ready Jobs" was managed by the Obama/Biden administration. "Shovel Ready Jobs" Part Two is managed by an elder with Dementia and his woke staff. Am I missing the math here?

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