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Local Left-wing Media Decides They Don't Like Drew Brees Anymore

DisGraced Notes: Drew Brees should’ve known better than to associate with victim silencer and enabler of a known sexual predator

The local left-wing media is currently OUTRAGED that Saints quarterback Drew Brees appeared in a commercial to promote a program dedicated to getting Bibles into schools.

Yes, you read that right.

Earlier this week, left-wing ideologues descended on the group and decided to rebrand this clearly pro-Christian advertisement into some manufactured LGBTQ crisis. Then they decided to make Brees guilty by association.

This episode has definitely taught Brees a lesson. No matter how great a guy you are, no matter how much you give back, no matter how important you are to the city – today’s virtue signaling, outrage driven media will always think they know better than you.

They will never miss an opportunity to cut you down just to score social points and they will always use their shrinking platform to force their agenda onto you and your family through shame and manufactured outrage.

What a stark change in tone from last month when the exact same media outlet was gushing about Brees throwing footballs with their chosen Governor John Bel Edwards, or appearing in a conveniently timed “public service announcement” with the same desperate candidate.

That is how it works with today’s Trump-deranged media, ANYTHING is ok, ANYTHING can be justified, as long as it promotes THEIR political agenda, but as soon as you invade their safe space and they feel triggered…watch out.

If John Bel Edwards were conservative (LOL), you would have read the headline above in The Advocate a month ago.

FACT: John Bel Edwards hired a KNOWN sexual predator to be his Deputy Chief of Staff.

FACT: This same Deputy Chief of Staff sexually harassed another employee in the Edwards Administration.

FACT: In the middle of the state’s “fiscal cliff” debate, John Bel Edwards paid over six figures in settlement and legal fees, all paid with TAXPAYER MONEY.

FACT: Attorneys for John Bel Edwards and his Deputy Chief of Staff included a “non-disparagement clause” as part of the settlement to silence the victim.

As triggered opinion writer Stephanie Grace hypocritically notes in today's Advocate, “A guy like him (Drew Brees) has to know that any group (or desperate politician running for reelection) would want to have its profile boosted by, well, a guy like him…He really should be more careful about how he lets other people with other agendas use it.

Drew Brees is NOT responsible for every opinion of Focus on the Family, just like Brees is NOT responsible for John Bel Edwards hiring a sexual predator and then silencing his victim.

Drew Brees is responsible for throwing touchdowns and winning another Super Bowl. Brees is responsible for the words that come out of HIS mouth.

That’s it.

Louisiana loves football because it is everything politics isn’t. While the media is using politics to drive us apart – in Louisiana, we use sports to bring folks together.

When it comes to football, let’s all just leave our politics on the sidelines.

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