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(Baton Rouge, LA) The Republican Party of Louisiana has announced the choice of its new Executive Director, Andrew Bautsch. Bautsch is a New Orleans native with years of experience in state and national politics across the country. Most recently, Bautsch worked as a special projects manager for political consulting and data analytic firm Causeway Solutions, LLP. LAGOP Chairman Louis Gurvich and the party’s Executive Committee voted to hire Bautsch on Friday, March 2.

“We are very excited to have Andrew as the head of the LAGOP staff. He will promote and expand our conservative base and help us forge a path to victory in the 2018, 2019, and 2020 elections” said Chairman Gurvich.

“I look forward to working with our Chairman, the State Central Committee, our Parish Executive Committees, Republican Women, Young Republicans, College Republicans, and our other activists, as well as working with all of our elected officials at every level of government. The LAGOP must work to ensure that Louisiana remains business friendly and our workers and their families can thrive and grow here,” said Bautsch.

He plans to release details within the coming months of projects to expand the party’s base, recruit and elect more Republican candidates, and provide the party with a long-term vision through the 2020 election cycle. One of the tenets of the LAGOP’s vision will be to build up the level of engagement and involvement of all conservatives throughout Louisiana.

“I have worked with conservatives and party leaders both locally and nationally for the entirety of my career and have been a life-long Republican activist. I am very honored to have the opportunity to serve in this role,” said Bautsch.

The Executive Director is the highest ranking full-time staff position within the LAGOP. The job responsibilities include the day to day management of state party affairs, creating and implementing strategic plans, budget planning, and liaison between the LAGOP and local, state, and federal elected officials and candidates. Bautsch is preceded in this position by Jason Dore, who held the position for approximately six years.


Originally Published 3/5/18

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