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The Party Line Volume XXV

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Everyone needs to contact your Senator, even if it is Cassidy and promote Congressman Paul Gosar's amendment to this pork Covid-19 bill that gives Americans most affected by this shuttered nonsense, $10,000 instead of it going to "foreign aid, big Tech transit and Pelosi's politician partners over direct relief for Americans" wealthy Universities, etc.

GOP congressman amends Dem COVID bill, turns pork spending into $10,000 checks for Americans (wnd.com)

The slimy crime is it will cost us $1,500 each to pay back the $1,400 stimulus checks. Furthermore we the federal government spent ton's on CA's bullet train to nowhere and even after it was dormant and Trump cancelled more funds to it, Newsom fought him on it. All the money…


Thank you Chairman Gurvich,

Excellent information. I share your frustration that our Red State has so much trouble implementing their own policies. What's up with the delay on Tort reform? It's not like it's something new and certainly took too long to pass considering how disgusting it is to be bombarded by commercials and billboards encouraging lawsuit abuse.

We are glad to see the needed bills but constitutional carry won't stop the gun grab from radical lunatics like Sheila Jackson Lee. We must become a Second Amendment Sanctuary State or face the wrath of some pissed off Cajuns whose lives and livelihoods would be negatively impacted. We women have no other weapon to equalize our chances of surviving an attack…

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