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UPDATE: Dirty Tricks from Desperate Democrat John Bel Edwards

Baton Rouge, LA – Early voting started on Saturday, and the desperation of Democrat John Bel Edwards has resulted in multiple disgraceful attempts by Team JBE to scare voters and benefit from their fear. Governor Edwards and his campaign are working to drive Louisianans further apart, stoking fear and racial tensions for his personal benefit.

The door-hanger below is being distributed by John Bel Edwards supporters in communities across Louisiana:

That's right. Your Governor just called YOU a racist because you support President Donald Trump. 

It is absurd for John Bel Edwards to attempt to link Eddie Rispone to a Ku Klux Klan member when historical records make it clear that the Edwards family has been racist for generations. From slavery, through segregation the Edwards clan has been taking advantage of black people in Louisiana for their personal benefit since Louisiana was born.

John Bel is just the latest Edwards to follow in this "family tradition".

Even with the history of the Edwards Family, Team JBE is doubling down on their race card strategy with a new radio advertisement that accompanies the door hanger pictured above. The radio ad claims all Trump and Rispone supporters are racist and attempts to scare black voters into supporting John Bel Edwards.

Click below and listen to clips of the disgusting ad from Team JBE:

Louisiana demands better than race-bating political advertisements from her sitting Governor. Our state needs new leadership that is focused on bringing us together, not driving us apart just to win an election.

John Bel, you're fired!

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What our Party, GOP is forgeting to put in the Ads, is Bobby Jendal had 8 years of Barrack Obama' Horible Economy.......While John Bell Edwards has been enjoying almost 4years of President Trumps Booming Economy...

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