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UPDATE: Governor John Bel Edwards Continues His War Against Women

Baton Rouge, LA – For the third consecutive week, Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards is under fire over his demeaning treatment of women.

On Thursday, Governor Edwards’ campaign posted a graphic with the quote “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you” on the campaign Instagram account. The post celebrates an exchange between Governor Edwards and Senator Sharon Hewitt that members of the media were surprised to see the Edwards’ campaign choose to highlight. During a 2018 Joint Budget Committee hearing, Senator Hewitt – an LSU-trained engineer and pioneering woman executive in the oil and gas industry – questioned the governor on his supposed budget “cuts” that just didn’t add up. When he couldn’t explain his voodoo math, Governor Edwards resorted to “mansplaining,” prompting outrage from numerous observers.

This latest attack on a woman who dares to pose a challenge is part of a pattern of behavior from John Bel Edwards. This time last week, he was engaged in a despicable victim-shaming campaign targeting Juanita Washington, a former governor’s office employee who has alleged she was sexually harassed and assaulted by Edwards’ disgraced former deputy chief of staff, Johnny Anderson.

In a series of attempts to discredit Ms. Washington, Edwards and his henchmen leaked text messages between her and her abuser to the media, and attempted to get television ads telling her story removed from the airwaves.Governor Edwards has consistently failed to deliver for Louisiana women, despite numerous empty campaign promises. Under his administration, Louisiana is last in gender pay disparity, last in states for women, last in states for working moms, and a 2017 analysis found that his office pays women an average of $12,000 less than men.

Louisiana women demand better than John Bel Edwards.

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