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WATCH: LAGOP Releases New Digital Ad “No More Silence”

Baton Rouge, LA – Last summer, after John Bel Edwards hired a known sexual predator as his deputy chief of staff, the State of Louisiana was forced to spend over $100,000 of taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment suit when Johnny Anderson found his latest victim.

Disturbingly, John Bel Edwards, his deputy chief of staff, and their attorneys demanded the silence of the victim as a term of their settlement.

The video, titled "No More Silence" will remind Louisiana voters of the uncomfortable facts surrounding sexual predator Johnny Anderson and his enabler John Bel Edwards.

“At the last debate John Bel Edwards confirmed he never even reached out to his employee that was victimized by Anderson, he even referred to his friend Johnny Anderson as a “good” public servant,” said LAGOP Executive Director Andrew Bautsch. “John Bel’s lack of remorse is bad enough but the fact that taxpayer money was used to demand silence from Anderson’s victim is appalling.”


Reporter 1:

A former top aide to the Governor facing sexual harassment allegations…

Reporter 2:

Up until yesterday, Johnny Anderson was the deputy chief of staff for Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. He resigned when a political news website started digging into allegations of misconduct.


According to a 2007 federal court ruling, six women filed official sexual harassment complaints against Johnny Anderson. Yet, John Bel Edwards brought Anderson to the State Capitol as his deputy chief of staff.

John Bel Edwards promoted his friend Johnny Anderson, a KNOWN sexual predator to a position of power in the halls of the state capitol.

And when Anderson struck again? John Bel Edwards used over $100,000 of taxpayer money to settle the sexual harassment lawsuit and silence the victim.

No more silence.

No more harassment.

No more John Bel Edwards.





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