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We Stand With You

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Just an update,

I have been researching the corrupt UN for years and have been keeping an eye on their COVAX facility. This is where they claim they need control of all the vaccine money for "equitable" distribution. Because "no one is safe unless everyone is safe"

Healthier world means ‘safer America’ Tedros stresses, as UN-led vaccine initiative announces deal for 40 million doses | COVID-19 | UN News

Gavi welcomes final approval of U.S. support for global immunisation in Year-End Omnibus and COVID Supplemental Package | Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Everyone needs to understand that Biden just gave the UN's W.H.O. 4 billion towards this program that diverts vaccine doses to other "developing countries" before America. They state that…


Me again,

I am furious. I just heard Bill Cassidy has said we will have a paper copy print out from whatever new voting machines we are getting. We don't want machines! The election theft happened after citizens voted so tell us what good a paper copy of a machine vote does to ensure election integrity?

Tell us what good a paper copy does when corrupt judges refuse to hear evidence? Tell us what good it will do while they pass laws making questioning of election results, sedition? And finally tell us what good our paper copy of a machine vote does when our Republicans refuse to fight for us but kowtow to the radicals like in those bellwether states?


Hello All,

I don't think anyone reads this but I am putting it on the record anyway. We need to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary State now. We must fight them using their own programs against them. Why are we not listed in this article? States Eye Allowing Concealed Carry of Guns without a Permit | Newsmax.com

For those who haven't been able to pay attention, the DC Swamp has once again steamrolled through any pretense of law and order and have made up their own rules to ensure our President Of The People won't be our leader in the future. They even had their pollsters come out with fake low percentages of Trump's favorability once they realized it had…

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