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Furthermore, the download time for images can vary between a desktop and a mobile screen. This could impact the speed of loading your site, which could result in issues with SEO and, in the end, an increase in traffic from organic sources to your business. Everyone doesn't want to wait for pages to load! We are in the time when the amount of seconds count to the rank of a site.

The advantages and disadvantages of adaptive web design

In terms of Adaptive web design, I think it seems closer to the user and helps you build an even closer connection with your visitors, as you are clearly telling them that you value their preferences and are determined to satisfy their requirements. Choosing an adaptive website is more work, but it's a great alternative if you're focusing on improving the design and user experience. This feature is greatly appreciated by Google these day.

Adaptive design lets you create six types of resolution versions of your site, beginning with the lowest; although it's not necessary to create all 6, however, it is recommended to select the ones that are most suitable for your. It can be used to optimize offers and ads and to add touch-friendly features to each version depending on the device that is being targeted.

Adaptive web design seems more complex to implement, since it's more difficult to design multiple variations of the same site; however, considering each version as a brand new project streamlines your work and lets you be more creative with every screen.

This type of design is ideal for content since it can be customized and personalised in each version without changing the essence or background as water (as you can see in the graph). Being able to offer some extra options, to capture the attention of people and make them feel special can be an excellent online marketing strategy with which to increase your traffic.

Mobile phone users enjoy a variety of advantages of adaptive websites

The differences between Responsive Web Design and adaptive web design

Now you should have an idea of the most effective design for you. I hope so! Or do you still not know which design to give the ballon d'or to? Well, I summarize some elements of each so you are able to make an informed choice:

Responsive web designs can cause issues when they do not function effectively on various resolutions or on different screens. However, an adaptive web designs are able to adjust to every screen and has a version that fits perfectly.

A responsive website is easier and more flexiblebecause it's not very demanding; but it is downloaded equally on each screen; A responsive website design provides you with more control over content and elements, and is more customizable.

Responsive web designs be faster to load in search engines since it's an all-in-one version that can be adaptable to all devices. Because Adaptive web page design is able the ability to load different versions of the internet which can slow down the loading process.

It can be difficult to integrate massive elements from large websites to smaller screens with Responsive web design. However, this is not the case for the Adaptive since it comes with several versions.

Another reason Responsive web design is better than responsive web design is the simplicity of maintaining a website. Instead of having a single-room house, you have to keep a clean house with 5 or 6 rooms.

Responsive web design views the entire audience. The adaptive design takes into account the intended audience and offers the user with a distinct experience.

While responsive web design is SEO-friendly, Adaptive web designing has a serious problem. The various versions of the same information may be considered duplicated or identical content (thin) and we know that Google does not see this with its good eyes.

Another factor which is often ignored in the design of a site is the voice search. Voice searches are becoming more frequent and performed on mobile devices. This is why it is crucial to design optimized versions for each device, including the page's design.

web Adaptive, can be crucial to improve your SEO for voice search and make Google love you.

What is the best way to choose between responsive or adaptive web design?

The important decisions of your business deserve to be made with a clear mind. As is the case when it comes to SEO, it's crucial to look at the SEO metrics or analytics to gain an idea of who your audience is like and where they are browsing from and what they are looking for, what their needs are and things similar to these and more. This will help you identify your target audience and decide which web style is most suitable to you.

Furthermore, you need to be included in the evaluation whether you plan to develop a new website page or if you already have time in the market, which would be the case in the first case for example, that you are using an Adaptive web design could solve your issues for a short time, because all the information you've got can be organized and adapted to a specific screen.

This budget will be significant So don't overlook this. Because the majority of websites choose responsive web design if they're only beginning They're focused on finding the perfect design that is compatible with search engines. this design is also cheaper to maintain.

Certain studies show that web pages with Adaptive-type designs have more optimal loading speed than Responsive designs. This is due to the fact that Responsives should only upload one version of their own pages to search engines however, it is real that they need to download all desktop content to screens that are as small and thin as smartphones which can significantly impact the performance of web pages.

If you own a Responsive website, you may be thinking about switching to Adaptive. You might be able to achieve greater results if you give priority to users' experience. There are many who believe that Responsive can be overcome if there's a way to minimize the amount of maintenance needed for an Adaptive site. Are you prepared to make the decision? Before making your final decision it's worth knowing more about Mobile First websites.

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