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It's fair to say that many people seek out strategies to win at games. While some games have an organized strategy for playing to win however, gambling games aren't as. The clue is in the name - "gambling!" Before we begin, I'd like you to clear up the idea that I'll provide you with a method to be successful playing Fan Tan. I'm not going to. But what I'll try to assist you with is to help you understand the types of bets available, which are the best to play in addition to which bets are more likely to lead to you losing your money, unless you're really lucky.

Best Bets to Make If you are looking to win at Fan Tan

The best bet 番攤必勝 usually is most often is the Ssh 3-2-1, 4-3-2, 2-1-4 or 1-4-3. It pays the least however you will have a 3 in one chance of winning. This bet is ideal if you want to transfer your money and build up a little profit. You won't win much with this bet only if you place a huge amount at the start.

The Worst bet in Fan Tan

The most risky bet to make but it that will pay the most is the Fan bet, where you have a 1:4 possibility of winning. The payout is the ratio is 2.85:1.

Even money Bets

The even-money bets are comparable to the outside bets on roulette, and there are two possibilities - either you lose or win. The Kwok bet offers two chances of winning as the bet is on two different numbers. If one of them is successful, you get a win. This bet is slightly more volatile than the Ssh bet. This is the reason it earns a payout of 0.95:1.

Middle of the Road Bet

This is the Nim bet, where you pick two numbers. The first is the Win number and the second number is it's Push number. If the first one is successful, you'll win 1:90:1, and when the second one comes in you get your stake money back as a push. This bet is ideal for those who like to add some flavor to the betting session but still having the chance of the desired outcome - A win or push.

Strategy Tips

The following outlines the betting strategies as well as their risk, but strategies also depend on intuition and luck to determine what you are betting on. Take note of the statistics and examine what past results are doing. This could provide "tells" regarding the way the dealer selects the amount of beads. If they repeat the same actions then they are likely to get the same number of beads every time. Therefore, check to see whether that's happening by looking for repeated results.

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