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I made a guarantee to myself to prevent talk about Nvidia tricky marketing anymore but I think GTX users and players generally deserve the real behind Tensor Core and DLSS/AI.I'd like to be New Music Album 2022 clear on one thing that I don't appreciate about Nvidia, it is the NV telemetry which are extremely invasive when it arrived at privacy, they basically put it to use to gather the maximum amount of metadata as they wish and add-on the top of that the fact they don't really care about users loyalty and they inform you to force individuals to push to buy new technology along with technology. In the danger of repeating myself, there is no game available exploiting even 50% of the energy of a GTX generally, count also most of the AMD and RTX in the market. Game are capable to perform on every platform, it is all a matter of developers to take in consideration how versatile their Engine are and do they take in consideration each GPU features to perform well.



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