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Candidate Program

Tier 1: Establishing Your Campaign


·         Decide that you are running.

·         Obtain your district number.

·         Obtain a list of precincts that comprise your district from your local Registrar of Voters.

·         Notify LAGOP Data Director (data@lagop.com) of your candidacy so that we can send you important information.

·         Establish a bank account. The best title for the account is usually your name, followed by the word “campaign.” For example: “John Doe Campaign.” Work with your bank to obtain a list of its requirements for opening an account. Keep careful records of all transactions as you will have to report each one to the Louisiana Ethics Administration. (ethics.la.gov)

·         Raise at least $100 from someone other than yourself or an immediate family member.

·         Hold an event with at least ten friends or family members who can serve as volunteers and/or donors for your campaign.

After completion of the items in Tier 1, you have established your campaign and qualify for access to Republican Party of Louisiana resources.

Tier 2: Getting Started


·         Contact LAGOP Data Director (date@lagop.com) to apply for access to the GOP Data Center, where you will find a list of the registered voters in your district, along with addresses, telephone numbers and other helpful information.

·         Hold a fundraising event with at least 50 people in attendance. Here are some tips: Create an Excel sheet and add the names, email addresses and cell phone numbers of any personal friends or business or political associates. Invite people by email, text and phone calls. Hold the event at the home of a supporter who will donate some or all of the food and drinks. Using this system, you will have little to no overhead. Ask people who have the means to be sponsors for a higher donation level. Sell less expensive tickets to accumulate low dollar donations and possible volunteers.

·         Your goal at this level should be to raise at least $1,000.

·         Create and print a “push card.”

·         Spend five hours walking door-to-door, visiting at least 100 homes.

·         Contact your local Republican Parish Executive Committee to request its endorsement.


After completion of the items in Tier 2, you qualify for prioritized assistance from the Republican Party of Louisiana. We may ask you to speak at one of our events

Tier 3: Planning your Campaign


·         Contact LAGOP Data Director (data@lagop.com) to schedule a telephone meeting with one of our staff members to help you to create a campaign plan, identify a campaign manager or political consultant, and answer your questions.

·         Host three additional campaign events to raise an additional $5,000 from sponsors and at least 100 additional low-dollar donors who may serve as volunteers to help you walk door-to-door, make telephone calls and put up signs.

·         Walk to at least half of the homes in your district.

After completion of the items in Tier 3, we will consider featuring you on the state party website and forwarding your name and contact information to some of the party’s major donors. 

Thanks for submitting!

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