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Governor Edwards Should Call For Governor Cuomo To Resign

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I agree with cdodge041484. Is Gov. Edwards fooled by his own radical party who has tons of Elites with their fingers in the healthcare business making their fortunes in masks, PPE, vaccines and robotic sterilization systems like Smartmatic makes. Yes, the same Smartmatic connected to Dominion hangs out with the woke Elites. Hmmm.

According to government data that the corrupt CDC and corrupt WHO didn't alter for their political benefactors, masks not only have never been proven to work but may be dangerous to our health. Could be why nurses are taught to make sure N95 masks suction to their face and are not to be worn longer than two hours. Can anyone say lawsuit?

Government data shows masks had…


If Gov. Edward's doesn't end this mask mandate and lockdown madness now, I'll be calling for HIS resignation. These other states that kept their citizens freedoms intact are a shining example that the people hold the key to ending covid, not governors.

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