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Governor John Bel Edwards: More Concerned With His Re-Election Than With The Taxpayers’ Money

Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards: More Concerned With His Re-Election Than With The Taxpayers’ Money

As the 2019 Gubernatorial Election gears up, Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards is willing to bolster his campaign on the taxpayer’s dime. You would think that Governor Edwards would be more concerned with Louisiana’s ever-increasing tax burden on businesses and industry, but you would be wrong! This Governor is more focused on his bid for re-election.

Despite being asked many times, Governor Edwards has yet to enlighten the taxpayers of Louisiana about his decision to host the business summit Today in Baton Rouge. If this event was a “business summit,” then why are five of the nineteen scheduled speakers state employees and eight of the nineteen scheduled speakers’ former donors to Governor Edwards past campaigns? Calling this so-called business summit “an economic development event,” as opposed to what it really is: a campaign event, is one way to hide his failed promise to better Louisiana.

According to Governor Edwards’ latest campaign ad, he claims that he has worked to stabilize Louisiana’s budget, in addition to creating more jobs for the residents. Pretending that Louisiana has been better off under Governor John Bel Edwards is like pretending that Thursday’s business summit isn’t a campaign event. But don’t just take our word for it, check out any of the studies listed below:

Hayride Summary: Louisiana Leads the Nation In Business Tax Increases By A Wide Margin. Cato Summary: Dem Gov. John Bel Edwards Receives An “F” For Fiscal Responsibility In Louisiana. WDSU News Summary: Under Dem Gov. John Bel Edwards, Louisiana Ranks As Worst State To Find A Job.

Governor John Bel Edwards appears to have used a state-sponsored business summit as a cover to host a campaign event on taxpayer’s dime. He should explain himself to the people of Louisiana!


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