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Here's How We Can Start Re-Taking the House of Representatives RIGHT NOW!

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You guys may have never heard of him, but a powerhouse is out there shutting down blackbox voting machines and the first stop is Louisiana.

Matt Braynard in a recent email:

"...First up in our renewed effort is preventing the state of Louisiana from awarding its $100 million voting equipment contract to any black box vendor. Instead, we must insist that any new voting equipment meet the highest standards of transparency and open-source design. In the coming weeks, I will personally travel to Pelican state to organize bi-partisan and non-partisan allies and to rally like-minded activists to petition the legislature and request hearings to accomplish this goal."

Watch for when this comes here and get on board.

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It was easy to find. I actually referenced it in the piece I wrote on here last night on the Chairman's latest update along with the qualified immunity issue. I plan on forwarding it to our politicians, law enforcement and whomever else I can find specifically to fight this attack on our safety by the radicals.

The qualified immunity vote will happen for the April session so that is my main focus but will stay on this election issue as well. Thank you.


We already have Sequoia Dominion machines. We didn't have the paper print out option but it will do absolutely nothing to prevent the election theft that happened. Here they are but make sure you scroll down to the safety concerns that are longer than the description of the voting machine itself. Sequoia (Dominion) AVC Edge – Verified Voting

I have heavily researched these machines and they are set up specifically to hack. I think we need to ask WHY they would continue on with these machines? It is said that the decimal trick was used here, as well as Kentucky, for our last Governors race.

They will not listen to We The People on a National Level and now on…


SOS has a bid for Dominion machines.

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We already have Sequoia Dominion machines. What they are adding is the paper print out option we didn't have before. This does absolutely nothing to stop election theft like what just happened. They will not listen to us. We demand paper ballots only, voter ID always.

These are our machines. If you scroll down you will see the safety concerns are longer than the explanation of the machine. This is outrageous. They won't listen nationally and they won't listen locally. The think we work for them. I am going to add this info with another post.




I am not familiar enough yet on this candidate to comment but I share your frustration and why I started posting on this site when no one else was. I started sharing this site on other sites when citizens asked what they could do. I knew it worked when the trolls started commenting. Trolls backed by the Dems protecting traitor Cassidy. We don't have those programs on the Republican side and that is the problem. Anyway, they just updated this format to include a "reply" option so someone is listening.

It's the left's activists NGO groups behind every attack to our way of life and Constitution because their benefactors are the Global Elites pushing for Global Control and weakening America…

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