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Impeachment, Now and Forever?

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Senator Bill Cassidy courageously voted to convict former President Trump of inciting the mob violence that engulfed our Capitol building on January 6, 2021. In so doing, he reaffirmed his oath and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, as well as his unwavering support of traditional Republican principles. Senator Cassidy is a leader in every sense of the word as evidenced by his courage, character, integrity, and commitment to the truth. Louisiana and the United States of America need more leaders like Senator Cassidy! And yet, the Louisiana Republican Party voted to censure him. And why? Because he voted to convict former President Trump of the impeachment charge. If one had paid attention to the new…


When the House impeached T$$$p, he was still the President and he was in the process of usurping our Constitution and Democracy for his own selfish ends. Thanks Sen. Cassidy!


Dump Sen Cassidy now.How could an MD be so ignorant as to think a case was successfully made against private citizen Trump


Thank GOD, there are a few true "Republicans" left that will do the right thing. instead of the politically expedient thing. How can you continue to support a man who would sacrifice our Nation to save himself? It's always been all about T$$$p. What an insult to all those who sacrificed their lives to save democracy! Thank you, Senator Cassidy for having the courage to stand up to the Bully and all his followers screaming, "Fight for Trump." At least there is one soul in Louisiana still fighting for America! May GOD bless you!


I don’t understand how Bill Cassidy REPRESENTS THE GOOD PEOPLE OF LOUISIANA by VOTING to IMPEACH A PRIVATE CITIZEN?? It looks like CASSIDY IS ON THE DEMOCRATS SIDE. THE DEMS LIE but ALWAYS STICK TOGETHER. IT SURELY LOOKED to me like CASSIDY was a DEMOCRAT On this One. HOW IS VOTING TO IMPEACH Pres Trump Justice? This whole event was absurd because it is NOT in OUR CONSTITUTION OR LAWS TO ALLOW FOR THE IMPEACHMENT of a “Former President”. It seems this IMPEACHMENT FROM START TO FINISH was completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL- means WE have LEFT the Constitution and are just “Making Things UP”. As best as I can tell, during his presidency, President Trump followed the Laws as set…

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