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Join Chairman Gurvich and Republican Legislators in Demanding a Veto Override Session

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I called Senator Tarver today. First Senator I've spoken on the phone with. He is Democrat but said he is having deep troubles about the veto of SB156, Women's Rights in Sports Act, and is really considering overriding that bill. Call him and ask him to call for an override session. Encourage him to override SB156. If you live in the Shreveport area, call. I told him I would email him my thoughts on Constitutional Carry so he would have my opinion. I assumed I would get voicemail and only had a short message but he answered so we had a brief talk and I had to get back to work. He sounded sure he was opposed to constitutional carry,…

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Funny, I just said almost the same thing about my Congressman Stuart Bishop. He called me back soon after I left a message. I put up a new post on the Chairman's latest about meeting on the Capitol steps. Actually I put a post on the one before that also but catch me on the most current one.

Disarmament of countries of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) is my expertise. I wonder if your Senator understands that this demonizing of all "armed on the ground" law enforcement and 2A citizens is for disarmament purposes whether the indoctrinated gun control NGO's know it or not. It's the money funding them that needs us disarmed. Globalism cannot happen with an…

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