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LAGOP Statement Regarding Recent Capitol Hill Protests

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The Hayride had a good article on the Non Government Organization "Together Louisiana Is who runs New Orleans, You know". This is just one of many NGO's specifically designed to weaken our country. Like many, this is Soros backed.

I am more familiar with the gun control activists groups. That snot nosed Hogg kid runs one and knows less than zero about firearms but has aced his Resistance Fist pose. This is because their problem isn't the firearm, it's us owning them. Us doesn't mean our top intelligence agencies, only all on the ground "armed" law enforcement such as Police, CBP, ICE plus we citizens. Are you seeing it yet? This is how they disarm countries.

There is essentially no…


I just found your newsletter but didn't see a place to comment. Chairman Louis Gurvich gets it. Note in his article what concerns him is "the media's constant denunciation of conservatives as traitors".

This is by design as they have introduced S 3190 - The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2020. It basically criminalizes political opposition. It is in the introduced stage - see attached: Text - S.3190 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2020 | | Library of Congress

At one time media entities were owned by hundreds of different owners. Now they have all been bought up by eight different entities I believe it is. This is why you might see that your old…


Hello, It's me again and it's time to act and inform. Citizens are hopping mad at everything going on right now and should be. We can't get on Parler and many of us have boycotted those globalist nut jobs who own Twitter and Face Book.

Think about this: Big tech had bipartisan agreement against them for years. It has been like watching reruns where the same tech giants lie to us under oath, questioned by corrupt and useless do nothings on both sides up for re election or a committee seat, giving their best performance for their media fan club. They adjourn to their basement..... That's all folks, nothing ever happens.

Start following the money because the only thing our…


Your statement regarding Capitol Hill protests is perfect. We are all well aware that a false flag operation was instituted to storm the Capitol so look to those like Loeffler who used it as an excuse to decide Trump supporters should be punished. She knows it was a set up and we have always known she is a traitor.

By their definition, election theft should not be looked into because the radicals set up Trump supporters and surged the Capitol.

The lesson is: The radicals on the left destroy businesses and lives for months and the Republican party rewards them by throwing our police under the bus and producing a bill the left laughed at and then ignored.

We voted…

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