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LAGOP Statement Regarding the Second Impeachment of President Trump

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We just witnessed the Republican Party show it’s cowardice by doing a private hidden vote on Cheney. If Republicans don’t get a backbone soon I will vote straight independents because this is insanity!


We should be backing removing Liz Cheney from committee seats. She has proven to be the "enemy of the people" along with the others who voted against their base. Make no mistake, Trump's success in four short years only highlighted their failure and that is the one sin the Establishment can never forgive.

In addition, since learning China has compromised many our paid fools, one wonders if they are worried that Trump will out them for the traitors they are. They work for us, not the other way around.


Are you ready for the loss of our freedom? According to Biden's team, he will be making a statement about opening schools and businesses on his second day in office. Note that Cuomo of New York and the Mayor of Chicago just announced that businesses need to be opened like they experienced the same epiphany all of the sudden.

One might assume it is because they think they are clear of Trump OR perhaps the Vaccine Czar Bill Gates and his Big Tech coalition have finalized the Rockefeller funded COVID Passports known as Common Pass. They expect "that a digital document linked to vaccination status will be required to travel and get access to basic services." See attached: Microsoft, Big…

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