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Official: The LAGOP Endorses Claston Bernard for the 2nd Congressional District

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Mail in voting is not safe and needs to stop!


What happened to ids licenses with the gold stars to vote, visit federal buildings or fly to vote ? Absentee voting was fine for verifiable problem voters. Mail in vo


Congratulations on the endorsements. We really need fighters to compete in the Dem's Mean Girl Game on every level and it just isn't happening nationally, so maybe we will see some new strength on a State level.

It is outrageous that we finally have some new fighting talent on the national level in the form of Marjorie Taylor Greene and the sell outs like McCarthy and McConnell act like there might be a problem because of comments she may have made in the past. Poppycock! The left seems to have no problem with multiple radicals serving on committees who are socialists/communist and/or anti-Semites so we demand the same amount of fighters to combat these lunatics on these committees.

Did you…

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