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OFFICIAL: The LAGOP Executive Committee Unanimously Votes to Censure Senator Bill Cassidy

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Senator Cassidy has the mind set and the intellect that we Republicans need for leadership now and into the next election cycle. As a physician he is trained to follow the facts, and recognize the need for change and adaptation. Republicans in LA and throughout the Country cannot afford to continue aligning ourselves with people of ex-president Trump's ilk. We are losing the demographic battle and so we must do more to invite independents including people from all ethnic groups. Losers like Trump and Cruz will further marginalize us. We need to stop the circular firing squad routine and start gathering facts hold up under broad public scrutiny and not simply sound good inside our own echo chamber. As for…


Cassidy has said he's proud of his vote...well, I'm sure NOT proud of my vote for him now! Hindsight is 20/20.

Now, he's just refused to answer the question on Fox Business 'would you support Trump if he's the nominee in '24?' His answer was, he wouldn't have to answer that question because Trump would not be the nominee in 2024.



Senator Cassidy is an honest, honorable patriot. He should be praised for voting his conscience and what he knew was right. The LAGOP should stop backing a loser like ex-president Trump.


I don't think most Louisiana Republicans agree - STOP ACTING LIKE A CULT.


He is in the wrong party. Impeach

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