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Pro-Gun Legislation Protecting Churches Missing Governor’s Support

(Baton Rouge, LA) – John Bel Edwards has been quick to define himself as Pro-God, Pro-life, and Pro-gun. However, one bill seems to check all these boxes, yet the Governor is sitting on the sidelines while his party leader in the Senate is lining up to kill the legislation.

In response to the growing problem of violence focused on places of worship, Rep. Beryl Amedee has proposed HB 235, which relates to justifiable use of force or violence in defense at a place of worship. This means should a member of a church security team be called into action they will be afforded the legal presumption that their use of force was necessary. This is the same protection already afforded to people in their own home.

Rep Amedee’s bill is set to be heard by the Senate Judiciary B Committee today where it will be attacked by Louisiana Democratic Chairman Karen Carter Peterson, and her gun-grabbing allies. It is unlikely the bill will survive without the support of the Governor.

“This Governor and I don’t agree on a lot, but we should agree on this bill,” said Representative Amedee. “The time to stand and fight for the Second Amendment is today in committee and I need the Governor to stand beside me.”

If our pro-God, pro-life pro-gun Governor would join Rep. Amedee for committee and stand-up for the Second Amendment, the bill would have a great chance of passing! It is not too much to ask from a Governor that postures himself as a man of dignity and character to reach across the aisle and stand for his beliefs, instead of picking and choosing battles based off political strategy and opinion polls.

Governor Edwards, will you stand for the Second Amendment and fight alongside Rep. Amedee in her pursuit to make places of worship safer across the state, or will you sit on the sidelines as an apology to your liberal party boss?


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