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All I got to say, LAGOP, is you need to push for some LEGIT Republicans to be on any upcoming tickets. Who would be the reason we keep getting moderates with R by their name? We have majority in both house and Senate and still get nothing done. Grassroots fought and got us this veto override opportunity, State Republican leadership gives us lying politicians to count on.

Shexnayder and Cortez are a net zero for this party. Quit writing blogs and get some leaders.

“As far as me going out and actually whipping up votes, I haven’t done that in the past, and that’s not how I work and operate,”- Schexnayder

I must say, that's a great quality to rally…


Let the RINOs RINO and the liars lie. This is a gift to all Louisiana voters. Either we see our representatives have a backbone, or we see what we really have in Congress. Costumes are off in this override session and every lawmaker is bare to all. Let's see what we have hiding behind the "R" once and for all.

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