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WATCH: LAGOP Releases New Digital Ad “Mad Max”

Baton Rouge, LA – Today, the Republican Party of Louisiana released a new digital ad titled "Mad Max" highlighting the appearance of radical left-wing California Congresswoman Maxine Waters in Baton Rouge last week to rally for Governor John Bel Edwards and Democrats up and down the ballot.

Back in Washington DC, Waters is a leading advocate for impeaching President Trump in Congress. While in Baton Rouge, her pitch to Louisiana Democrats centered around her burning hatred for President Trump, rattling off adjectives describing the president as “despicable,” “deplorable,” calling him an “undesirable human being,” and leading a chant of “Impeach 45!”

Just days after shilling for John Bel Edwards and Louisiana Democrats, Waters went even further than pushing for impeachment, tweeting that President Trump “needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement.”.

President Trump and his team are focused on electing a Republican governor in Louisiana.

Left-wing activists have been descending upon the state to prop up Edwards and the few remaining Democrats. Friday’s rally was Waters’ second visit, and recent weeks have brought Stacey Abrams and Rashida Talib to New Orleans. As Donald Trump Jr. explained, no matter how much John Bel Edwards tries to play the Louisiana voters, he stands with radical socialist Democrats on the issues they fight for, including higher taxes, anti-business regulations, and the government takeover of healthcare.

“John Bel Edwards is spending millions trying to fool the people of Louisiana, again. But as President Trump said, Governor Edwards is ‘clearly on the radical socialist team’,” explained LAGOP Executive Director Andrew Bautsch. “John Bel was a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton, refused to ban sanctuary cities, and forced Louisiana on a path toward “Medicaid for all”. The last four years have shown John Bel Edwards is too far left for Louisiana.”



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