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I've been steady on the phone. Representative Hilferty is on the fence. Her office is taking calls and keeping a tally to give her, so definately call.

Call Senator Connick as he looks to be changing his vote based on what his Sheriff says. Remind him of the number difference of the votes here. One sheriff vs countless constituents. Looks alot like one governor overruling the entire Congress supermajority vote.

Call Senator Johns and tell him to hop on a wheelchair and get there and vote and not sit out this session.

Call Joseph Stagni, the one that voted to not hold the session, and tell him to either get on board and stick with his vote from the last…


Yes! I have already been communicating with my Rep. Stuart Bishop. I must say that he was very open to what I had to say and I was surprised how quickly he returned my phone call. I do believe the "say anything, scream louder" crew that is much smaller than they make themselves out to be has been impacting the thought process of our Republicans.

Note how they have changed now that the silent majority speaks. We need to keep speaking and I will reiterate that we must become a Second Amendment Sanctuary State before they disarm America on a federal level where see the same problem with our Republicans kowtowing to the Democrats.

I will repeat what I have…

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