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LAGOP Congratulates State Representatives on Successful Petition Override of Governor Edwards


FINALLY! We are immensely proud of the combined efforts of our House members for their support on the recent petition to put an end to Governor Edwards' never-ending emergency powers.

Upon receiving the petition, the Governor's must revoke his emergency orders he has used so cavalierly. This petition puts a 7 day holt on further action. We hope the Governor follows the law and finally begins cooperating with the Legislature.

The House of Representatives' petition has the endorsement and support of the Republican House Delegation. Among House leaders, Speaker Clay Schexnayder, Speaker Pro Tempore Tanner Magee, and House Republican Delegation Chairman Blake Miguez have signed on the petition.

"The Republican Party of Louisiana is proud of the tireless efforts that our legislators have made to reopen Louisiana," commented LAGOP Chairman Louis Gurvich. "The Governor must abide by the law and hand over his temporary emergency powers which were never intended to remain in place for so many months without legislative input." ###

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