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LAGOP Stands with Secretary Ardoin in Opposing Ballot Harvesting


October 14, 2020

(Baton Rouge, LA) New Orleans has been added to the growing list of Democrat lead cities across America which are attempting to influence the 2020 Presidential election through legal action.

Instead of dealing with the city’s dire issues, many of which have been aggravated by its poor leadership, the New Orleans City Council is now attempting to dictate election policy for the entire state of Louisiana by suing Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin. If the Council is successful in forcing the Secretary of State to give preferential treatment to voters in Orleans Parish in the 2020 Presidential election, New Orleans will open the door to massive ballot harvesting throughout our state.

And it’s a truly insidious scheme to bring ballot harvesting into Louisiana: Under the Council’s plan, absentee ballots would be dropped off at remote locations. The law now requires that the ballots be dropped off at the Registrar’s office in City Hall.

The New Orleans City Council should focus on the multitude of problems facing the city and leave the voting process alone. In fact, the courts have already ruled on the validity of the voting process. The LAGOP stands with Secretary Ardoin in opposing ballot harvesting. When we lose faith in our democratic process, we will soon lose our democracy!


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