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Party Line Newsletter: Volume XXI

We are now only days away from the most consequential presidential election in decades. The future direction of our country is the issue at hand, and this is a must win situation- I know it, you know it, and the Democrats know it. That’s why the LAGOP has been working tirelessly to assist our candidates and strengthen our party. Allow me to brag on them for a few paragraphs:

Under our dynamic new Executive Director, Brittney Reed, the LAGOP staff was incredibly busy in the month of October, even while dodging hurricanes in the midst of a pandemic in which several of them fell ill! (I am happy to report that they are all recovered.) While servicing the usual needs of our members and organizations, they've been cranking out more news and press releases, emails, and social media than I ever remember seeing before in my years with the LAGOP. The quality of their material has been very good, and I don't think I've seen anything better from any other state party. They've managed to recruit and train over two hundred volunteers across the state to serve as phone bankers, poll watchers, sign waivers, etc. for Election Day. And their work is far from over- they’ve been working with me throughout this weekend and will be on duty long into Wednesday morning! I have no doubt that their efforts will be of great benefit to President Trump, Senator Cassidy, our Congressmen and local candidates. They conducted eight in-person voter registration drives in five different parishes across the state (Ouachita, Vermillion, St. Tammany, Jefferson, & East Baton Rouge) to cap off our months long voter registration awareness campaign. The LAGOP also produced three videos on school choice, the Louisiana economy and security to support our party registration efforts. The result? We reached the long awaited one million member mark with thousands of new members to spare, while over the last ninety days the Secretary of State reports that ten new Republicans were registered for every new Democrat. Our staff spoke at events held by the Acadiana Republican Women's Club, the Jefferson Parish Republican Women's Club, the Saint Martin Republican Parish Executive Committee, the Pelican State Pachyderm Club, and the Ouachita Republican Women, while giving radio interviews and hosting Students for Trump (LSU) and numerous legislators during the special session. Two new College Republicans chapters were also founded under LAGOP guidance at Louisiana Tech and University of Louisiana Monroe. They purchased and distributed thousands of Trump and Cassidy signs, placards, and campaign memorabilia, while assisting our candidates with data, several new apps, and providing general consulting. I've spoken to the grateful candidates and their campaign staffers and I've read the emails and texts thanking our staff for the great job they've been doing.

When you meet one of our staffers or interns at LAGOP headquarters or an RSCC meeting or event, you might want to thank them for their service.

God Bless America!

Louis Gurvich, Chairman

Republican Party of Louisiana

We are beyond proud of our Louisiana State Representatives successful efforts in supporting a petition that puts an end to Governor Edwards' power hungry coronavirus restrictions.  

The people of Louisiana want to see our state open back up and witness our economy prosper under President Trump again.

For far too long, Governor Edwards has spent his time working against Republicans in the legislature instead of doing his job and working WITH them. "The Republican Party of Louisiana is proud of the tireless efforts that our legislators have made to reopen Louisiana," says LAGOP Chairman Louis Gurvich.

Aside from this, Republicans in the House approved a resolution to suspend the Fire Marshal's ability to enforce the Governor's lockdown restrictions.

Having these fighters in the Capitol every day, helps assure the people of Louisiana that our conservative principles will ALWAYS be fought for!

RSCC Member and State Representative Kay Katz wrote a phenomenal editorial article about the Electoral College

Kay's article focuses on the importance of the Electoral College and why it is important to our Representative Democracy here in the United States. 

You can read Kay's editorial column by clicking HERE!

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