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Super PAC Supporting John Bel Edwards Fueled by Left-Wing Pro-Abortion and Anti-Gun Activist Groups

Baton Rouge, LA – The latest campaign finance report discloses that 79% of the money contributed to Gumbo PAC during the last reporting period came from two left-wing Washington D.C. based donors: The Democratic Governors Association (DGA) and The National Education Association (NEA).

This new report shows an additional $500,000 contribution to Gumbo PAC from the hyper-liberal DGA, bringing the total contributed by the DGA this cycle to $1 million.

The DGA, which spent millions to help elect Edwards in 2015, has had paid staffers on the ground to help his re-election efforts for months, funded in-part by the $570,780 in contributions from Planned Parenthood Action Fund between 2015-2018.

Both Planned Parenthood and the DGA actively campaign against pro-life legislation across the country. Earlier this summer, the DGA sent out an email that opened with: “Friends, abortion rights are under attack in the states,” and tweeted that “attacks on women’s health care prove that the threat to women’s reproductive rights is real and present,” referencing legislation similar to Louisiana’s. Leading national Democrats including Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez have called for the party to be “100 percent pro-choice.”

The DGA’s liberal pro-abortion stance is not their only controversial position that is too far left for Louisiana.

A few weeks after sending the latest $500,000 check to Team JBE, the DGA attacked the Second Amendment (and President Trump) in a letter demanding “red flag laws, passing universal background checks, outlawing assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and establishing stricter reporting requirements to prevent those deemed by a mental health professional to be a danger to themselves or others from purchasing a firearm.”

The other Washington D.C.-based liberal activist group supporting John Bel Edwards is the National Education Association (NEA). The latest campaign finance report shows a new $350,000 contribution to Gumbo PAC from the left-wing NEA.

Earlier this summer, the NEA adopted a new “business item” declaring “The NEA vigorously opposes all attacks on the right to choose and stands on the fundamental right to abortion under Roe v. Wade.”

Of course, that is not their only left-wing position that is out of sync with the vast majority of Louisiana citizens. Like the DGA, the NEA has also decided to disregard the Second Amendment and take a liberal position on gun control. “We believe assault weapons and high capacity magazines are weapons of war that belong only in the hands of our military and law enforcement officers.”

“John Bel’s campaign commercials say that he is pro-life and pro-gun, but this campaign finance report shows clearly that he is just another left-wing democrat,” said LAGOP Executive Director Andrew Bautsch. “If he really believed in protecting the right to life, if he really believed in protecting the Second Amendment, he would not accept this dirty money.”



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